Mission Foods Champions #zerowaste with Foldover Your Leftovers Campaign

To mark World Foods Day 2018 on October 16th, Mission Foods joint forces with celebrity Chef Sarah Benjamin in both Malaysia and Singapore, to launch the “Foldover Your Leftovers” campaign. The campaign revisits the old adage “Waste Not Want Not” and aims to inspire people with nifty ideas on how to turn leftovers into brand new delicious meals.

Sarah Benjamin, previously a host on several popular programmes on Asian Food Channel, was engaged to lead and narrate this campaign and spread awareness on how easy it is to reuse everyday leftovers using Mission products. The move towards ending #FoodWaste and moving towards #ZeroWaste is a highly profiled topic currently and resonates well with consumers.

For the launch in Malaysia, the media launch was held at La Juiceria Superfoods Signature. At the closed event for media and Mission’s invited business partners, Sarah demonstrated 3 ways to reuse leftovers and talked about the importance of being creative in managing leftover food. 

For the Singapore launch, a similar concept was followed. The launch was held at Chun Tsubaki, a modernistic photo studio that fits the theme of our campaign. The Singapore team also worked with The Food Bank Singapore, which is a registered Charity and Institution of a Public Character in Singapore that operates to collect excess food and re-distributes them.