Making Better Choices Easier with Mission Foods New Range of Healthy wraps

Mission Foods, one of the world’s largest producer of wraps and a household name in Singapore, has introduced its latest range of wraps to the Singapore market, consisting of three healthy variations: Reduced Carb, Chia and Quinoa. As consumers become increasingly health-conscious and demand more nutritious food, this new range will help them make better choices.

With the introduction of chia and quinoa seeds to the regular wrap, consumers will reap the benefits of the two nutritive superfoods that also add flavour and texture to any hearty wrap dish. High in protein, fiber and anti-oxidants, quinoa seeds have shown to possess anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, while chia seeds are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids that can raise HDL cholesterol – better known as “good” cholesterol. Both the Chia Wraps and Quinoa Wraps are aligned with the broader consumer trend which sees seeds and grains gaining mainstream appeal, and fits the rising demand for vegan and vegetarian products, raw and paleo diets. They are also a source of fiber and protein.

For consumers seeking to lower their carbohydrate intake, Mission Foods has also launched the Reduced Carb Wraps, which, per serving, contain approximately 95.6% less carbohydrates than one bowl of long-grain white rice.  They also provide a high source of fiber and protein and have the Mission taste and flavor consumers know and love.